The nature of my work means I can’t always share the details but several happy clients have been generous enough to let me share how I’ve helped them:

Working with Organisations

As Independent HR Director

“I engaged Rosie to help me by leading the development of a reward system for support staff in a large independent school. She provided direct input to managers not familiar with preparing job descriptions, undertaking structured job evaluation or discussing market review findings on salaries for their staff. Rosie quickly won the confidence of those managers by demonstrating a strong understanding of business operations and organisation design. Her insightful contribution led to the production of outcome-focused objectives and streamlining – removing duplication and filling gaps in our organisation structure. My managers grew in confidence from the acquisition of new skills and the whole team benefited from the mutual respect and understanding that came from gaining a deeper knowledge of the complexities and challenges their colleagues face in their day-to-day operations. The result was a successful implementation of a pay and grading system accepted by all and which provided a clear understanding of relative job size and with it the opportunities for career development.”

Director of Operations.

Working with Individuals

Personal and Employment Transition

“I have known Rosie for some years now both through working together in our local community and the provision to me of H.R. advice and Executive Coaching and Mentoring. Rosie is very personable and professional, and has been extremely helpful providing valuable support through periods of personal life and employment transition, practically assisting me to confidently obtain new perspectives and employment appointments. Rosie provides “Balanced Coaching” through constructive challenge and feedback, which is thought-provoking, whilst also encouraging the use of proven practical methodology and techniques for personal development, and to achieve results at interview, or dealing with “in-post” issues. Drawing on her broad H.R. experience in discussion, Rosie has been able to get to know me “in the round”, and then professionally and efficiently assess my situation, empathising with identified issues. This has provided a basis to help me to reflect and understand scenarios for future learning. Through times of change and challenge, this has enabled me to “stand back” and gain new or refreshed perspectives. As a result, I have been able to maintain a positive outlook to life in general, and motivated to seek broader opportunities to contribute my skills and experience in society as a whole.”

Finance Director and NXD, Male, 58: supported through three successful job changes, both role and sector; also times of career challenge with members of his team.

Confidence Building

“Rosie helped me when I needed to find a new position following an unexpected parting of the ways with my previous employer. She helped re-build my confidence through a structured review of accomplishments and whilst an empathetic listener after a period of reflection always ensured I continued to look forward and had positive actions to take. Rosie helped me identify the opportunities to pursue and gave practical and actionable advice when reviewing my draft CV and application letters. She gave excellent pre-interview coaching demonstrating an up-to-date understanding of the latest recruitment techniques. Rosie is thoroughly dependable – she always delivers whether by responding to emails, returning calls or providing feedback.”

Director of Operations, Male, 57: supported through job change.


“It has been a wonderful experience working with you and I have grown in my confidence and self-belief because of our sessions together. You are able to guide me in making the right decision when I feel unsure by asking me the right questions, which put my thoughts in order. You let me make up my own mind by guiding my ideas and in that way chose the right direction. In addition I always feel that you are thinking with me how I can make my job better and grow in my role. You have been a great support in so many ways. You make me feel comfortable and confident to show my weaknesses without feeling judged and I always leave our meetings feeling encouraged and positive with action points to take me forward. I am so glad we met Rosie and you have made a big difference in my life, by encouraging me and making me belief in my own abilities.”

Senior Manager, Higher Education, Female, 40.


“Working with Rosie is a joy. She has some fantastic people skills – alerting you to possibilities, and helping you find the parts inside you other people cannot reach, and you did not know even existed…”

Senior Clinical Director, Male, 62.

Career Change

“If you are thinking about changing your career, or looking for that perfect first position after graduation, then Rosie should be your first port of call. I have been a client of hers for several years, after she found me my first full-time position in a publishing house. Rosie went through my CV, cover letter, and interview techniques, and armed with this I was confident in the interview, came across very well and was given the position. I find her calm and patient manner, as well as extensive experience across many different careers and courses, to be perfect when you are under pressure to juggle your career and home life. She pushes you to succeed, but without negativity or pressure. I would 100% recommend her services to anyone, and I have done!”

Journalist, Teacher, Female, 26: initially worked together when a relatively new graduate, after three successful year in journalism/publishing now working with her as she transitions to a new career in teaching.

Gaining Qualifications and Promotion

“How did I help you? We met to discuss career progression and particularly focused on how to achieve this through improving my CV and interviewing skills. You showed me how to review my whole career, including early roles, and pick out the key bits that demonstrate the various skills I have. You taught me the star model so that when I speak / write about my past experience I can do so in a clear and concise way. You showed me how to make my CV punchy and focus on how I add value.

How are you still using what you learnt with me? What have you done with it since? I am involved in interviewing people, coaching managers on how to select people for roles and giving candidate feedback. I use these skills in this capacity. I have just been temporarily promoted and used the skills to apply and interview for the opportunity. I find the STAR table really helpful when applying for roles and preparing for interviews, this has become a bit of a CPD log for me and I pick out the relevant examples for the role I’m applying for. It is a really helpful concise document and I took it with me to have a quick glance over before the interview as a quick refresher. My current role is a secondment as HR Manager – Resourcing & Wellbeing for Sussex Police. I manage a team of 5 and work from HQ in Lewes. The whole focus is making sure the right people are in the right place at the right time with the right skills. The resourcing side of the role focuses on workforce planning for uniformed roles (PCSOs, Officers and Specials). The supply chain for Officers particularly is slow given the amount of training involved for new recruits so in the interim I’m working up interim solutions such as recruiting transferees and proactively trying to attract them, like-for-like job swaps and force wide transparent communication with the business about expected timescales for increased officer numbers. The wellbeing side of the role focuses on the proactive wellbeing service provided to all officers and staff including occupational health, physiotherapy and employee assistance. There are regular wellbeing checks to carry out for those in vulnerable roles and a standing caseload for ill health retirement and injury on duty. It is a pretty wide remit and a steep learning curve, I’m really enjoying the challenge!

What did it feel like when we were working together? You put me completely at ease and over a cuppa you asked all the right questions to enable me to tell you what I do / how I do it, then we were able to put this together in the right format. That made me feel really proud of everything I have achieved and I realised I do have a lot to offer to an employer – you just have to remember it and tell them your story.”

HR Manager, Public Sector, Female, 40: initially mentored through CIPD qualifications and then helped her gain promotion.

Senior Management Capabilities and Change of Employer

“My circumstances at work changed during the period of time I worked with Rosie, and therefore my agenda changed. Rosie was totally flexible towards my needs and enabled me to regain confidence by focusing on my achievements (STARS) and my strengths. Rosie always had a practical and empathetic approach using a variety of coaching and management tools and techniques to help me unravel my needs and aspirations.”

Senior HR Manager, Large Corporate, Female 45: helped develop skills in strategic HR and how to work with a variety of senior directors; helped her out of a company with a good deal and into a new role with a major national service provider.

Achieving your Dream

“I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions working with Rosie. She challenged me to focus my thoughts,  effectively express them and become a much more confident communicator. With her help I have developed a more comfortable interview style, and I continue to use the techniques she taught me as I progress through my career.”

Commercial Pilot, Male, 27: came to me when he was trying to move from a short haul low cost airline to a major long haul airline – his ambition was to fly wide-bodied jets; he had been getting interviews but not landing the job.  Now successfully working for a major airline and flying the type of planes he wanted.

Work and Wellbeing

“Hi Rosie, Thank you for your email with the inspiring quote and also your help in the past months. As promised here is my little contribution to your website.

How have I helped you? You have helped me in focusing on what is important to me and been a great source of accountability towards realising my goals.

How are you using what you have learnt with me? Having helped with better realisation of how interrelated different aspects of our lives are, I have ensured I find and stick to a weekly plan that appreciates the needs for my well-being. Also one of the amazing discoveries during one of our sessions was an independent confirmation of my links with authenticity.

What does it feel like when we are working together? I always feel a great connection through your pre meeting preparation and your great ability to listen. It is always unbelievable how 2 hours flies and the good amount of issues we are able to address.”

Accountant and Investment Analyst, Male, 35: at a time of change, leading an investment team in a new organisation, wanted help with planning, prioitisation and leading and motivating the team; needed an holistic focus as his total wellbeing was key to his success at work.

CV Design and Job Application

“Dear Rosie, I would like to thank you for your sage advice, sound judgement and professional manner. After many years working for the same employer the thought of finding alternative employment was a little daunting but I now feel confident to move forward. My CV looks fantastic, the strategic guidance you gave me along with the knowledge of how to put a professional application together has been invaluable and will stay with me forever. It has been a pleasure working with you and I would not hesitate in suggesting you to my friends and colleagues.”

Surveyor and Estates Director, Male, 45: transition support in a redundancy situation; found a new, challenging and very enjoyable job within three months of working with me – same level of salary and enhanced benefits; also helped him gain professional accreditation on a work experience basis

Return to Work

“If you’ve had a senior position in the past and are trying to get back into the job market, after a break looking after family, it can be hard to find the confidence to persuade prospective employers that you still highly employable. Rosie was able to pass on the best interview techniques and communication skills to overcome these obstacles and I was able to secure a position in a national corporation.”

Marketing Executive and Journalist, Female, 56: self-employed, wanted help to strengthen business opportunities and achieve some guaranteed income with some employed work

Matching Potential to Opportunity

“I discovered Rosie Serpis by recommendation from a successful job-searcher. Rosie’s rare ability is to bring your true potential alive – and then focus it brilliantly to match what employers are looking for. Advice sessions with Rosie are very supportive. I found her to be both a great listener and highly knowledgeable and helpful about career directions. After practical help from Rosie I got my first formal interview in 18 years, and I now have a top-notch CV which represents me authentically.”

Senior Data Analyst, Male, 52.

Practical Purpose

“After graduating, I had a vague sense of where I wanted to go in my career, but not quite how to get there. Working with Rosie, she guided me in the right direction to analyse my values, what companies I was interested in, what I specifically wanted from a role and then translating this into practical steps such as CV writing, interview practice and communication techniques. The comfort of one on one sessions created a reassuring environment whereby practising interviews felt helpful rather than daunting and allowed for a natural, two way dialogue. Using the STAR diagram and other practical techniques, I was able to fully embrace the lessons learnt from the coaching sessions and use these in real life which ultimately resulted in landing my ideal job as HR Assistant for a FTSE 100 company. I have since been promoted to HR Advisor and still use and recommend the techniques and behaviours learnt from our sessions.  I could not recommend HR Directions more; Rosie is a hugely encouraging coach and mentor with a genuine passion for helping people find their way using practical and realistic techniques and goals”.

Graduate HR Business Partner, Female, 27: second job change and CIPD professional qualification mentoring.


“I have always found Rosie’s passion and enthusiasm infectious, you can’t help but be inspired to achieve great things when you work with or alongside her. She helps you to focus, to see your strengths and put a practical plan together to help you achieve your goals and desires.”

Business owner, events and Health and wellbeing, Female, 43.

Refreshing Skills and Style

“I had worked for over ten years for the same company. I was employed in a senior management position when the Company went into administration in 2010. In my search for new employment I found that the recruitment process  had changed radically. A complete overhaul of the layout of my cv was required. HR Directions assisted me with highlighting my strengths and achievements and once I had got to the interview, helped me create a polished and professional personal presentation – It worked and I secured the job! I found working with Rosie very easy in a relaxed yet productive environment. If you are looking to to take your career to the next level, I would certainly recommend using Rosie / HR Directions, to assist you in cv presentation and interviewee coaching skills.”

Regional Sales Director, Motor Industry, Male, 50.

Improving Interview Acceptance and Employability

“… after a successful decade working through my own network, when it came to looking further afield and opening up new opportunities, it soon became apparent that my CV and introductory letters weren’t representing me adequately and I was finding it increasingly difficult to find my next assignment.  Rosie’s initial assessment of me was alarmingly accurate! After just a few sessions, making my CV more objective, highlighting my strengths and achievements and with Rosie’s ‘inside’ knowledge of what HR and recruiters are looking for, I soon found myself with a number of interviews and was in a new role just a couple of months later.  Rosie’s input and support made all the difference and I would wholeheartedly recommend her services.”

Interim IT and Business Change Director, Male, 50.


“In a time of uncertainty over disappointing A-level results and poor show of performance with a diploma degree, Rosie helped me in making a decision to apply for university and get accepted onto a course which I currently am thoroughly enjoying.”

Undergraduate mature student, Male, 25: challenges at school and college now happily in his 2nd year studying computer gaming modelling.

Interview Skills

“Rosie gave me a lot of help in the time I was with her, mainly covering my CV and interview techniques. Having not been in many interview situations before the advice and techniques that she taught me really prepared me for the interviews I had ahead and my CV came leaps and bounds in the few weeks Rosie was helping me. She was very patient, helpful and created a very comfortable atmosphere while we were working. I had been looking for a job for six months before Rosie assisted me; with her help I found one within a month.”

New graduate now working in Estate Agency, Male 21.

Transition and Growth

“How have I helped you? Rosie helped me through a particularly difficult problem at work in two ways: (1) during a distressing employment issue, Rosie gave me great advice and support leading to a successful outcome; and (2) following that outcome, Rosie worked with me to rebuild my confidence and by working through my work history and exploring various options helped me substantially reshape my CV, supporting me in a number of applications and coaching me through interview techniques.

How are you using what you have learnt with me? I am more aware of my value to an organisation and being more confident of my experience and knowledge, I finally feel comfortable in the role and position that I secured following Rosie’s help.

What does it feel like when we are working together? Rosie is always completed focused on the task in hand and is the perfect interested but unemotional “friend” – it is always about “you” and its clear that Rosie only wants the best outcome.”

Senior EA, Female, 45: help with an employment crisis, got her out of the job with a good package and helped her find her perfect job; now very successfully working for the CEO of a major subsidiary of a top UK bank.

New Directions

“I was recommended to see Rosie. I had recently resigned from being a Headteacher and wanted a new direction but did not know where to go. My first meeting with Rosie was in the garden an ideal setting with the waterfall in her pond trickling calmly in the background. Rosie made me feel very relaxed. Initially we talked about my last job and aspects I liked about the job. Rosie helped me to prepare presentations, develop my CV, design business cards and coached me through the whole process of creating my new career and role. I now have a new opportunity as an Educational Consultant dealing with International arm of an Educational Recruitment Company. I would not have been in this position without Rosie’s consultations and would highly recommend her services.”

Senior educational executive, Female, 50; worked together at a time of transition and challenge, now happily started a new and very different stage in her career.

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