Executive Coaching

I have been very fortunate throughout the last 30 or so years to work with some amazing people. I have learnt so much in terms of leadership and management from them and have participated in leading edge development courses. My background is HR through and through, which has led me to be coach, confident, and mentor to people across all functional backgrounds. Together we have made significant contributions to the organisations in which we have worked.

I will always remember, very early in my career, when a very wise person said to me, ‘Well you know, you don’t have to be able to win Wimbledon yourself to be able to coach the next Champion!’ The coaching relationship is one of the best you can ever have in work; working together, goals are aligned, skills honed, and the end objective is to make you the best you can be.

Leadership Skills

How do you lead and get people to give willingly of their best; do you take time to reflect on how you work with and support people? Do you have a kit bag of leadership styles that you can draw upon as the needs of the individuals with whom you work and the organisations in which you work require?

I have extensive experience of supporting and aiding leaders, particularly through times of change, challenge and personal growth. There are times when stepping back and reflecting on our personal impact is really important, not only to ourselves but also to those whose daily lives we touch.

Personal Effectiveness

I often used to wonder how some people got ahead and others didn’t. Often those who did were confident and efficient and very secure in their knowledge of who they were and where they were going. Observing them and working with them, I came to reaslise that it was down to a few key skills areas: how they interacted with people, used their time effectively, delivered positive results and presented their ideas and views. And above all the best of them had highly attuned self-knowledge and awareness.

Nothing rocket science, just good self-reflection and focused work to build the skills base, identify and plug and gaps – the key is to keep on doing this, otherwise you could find yourself standing still while those around you continue to move on. We can do this together.

Leading and Managing People

There are a few key skills areas that all managers and leaders do well to develop, be they how to spot, appraise, develop, recognise and reward the many great people who make up their teams or organizations or how to deal with some of the more challenging situations, inter-personal conflict, poor performance or the down right nasty, mean and deceitful – the genuine ‘bad egg’ who makes everyone’s life at work thoroughly miserable. When it’s your responsibility to resolve such challenges it can be as the song goes, ‘lonely at the top’; that’s where I can help as we work through situations together. And of course, we can do a lot of very rewarding work as we help the good people in your organsiation too!

People Management in Your Business

Delivering in-house HR support and advice was what my career was all about until I started my own business in 2008. I now do this type of work as an independent consultant, on both a ‘one off’ assignment and an ongoing ‘retained’ basis, let me know if you think my skills and experience may be of help to your organisation.

If you would like help with any of the areas on this page please contact me via the form below or phone me for an exploratory chat.

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