Career Turning Points

I approached my 40s and was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to move from an operational role to a strategic one, I had just finished an MA and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I thought I had achieved this change myself, but looking back I now realise that it had only been possible through the wise counsel and advice from a dear friend (thank you, Rob) who had helped me think through where I was, what I wanted to do next and the skills and experience I needed to be able to do it.

We all need a career coach at times when we know it feels right to start making a change and that is where I can come in. I will help you think through your options, identify and fill skills gaps and present your experience and talents in the brightest possible light. I have recruited and worked up to CEO level across a number of industries: private, public and voluntary, and if I don’t know something first hand, I usually know someone who does.

If you’re feeling that you’ve achieved all you can with your current employer, or career, or your family is being adversely affected by your work pattern, then careers’ advice is what you need. What I offer is not the ‘careers’ advice’ you were given at school, which is often not the right time for such decisions, but personal 1:1 advice, tailored to your skills and to investigating your untapped potential.

Returning to work

If you’ve been out of the job market for a while, maybe for family or health reasons, getting back into work can sometimes seem very challenging and often lonely; your former colleagues and work friends may have all moved on, and the world of work has changed – or so you think. You need not do this alone…

Together we can explore what motivates you, the type or work you want to do and the way in which you want to do it. We can brush up on skills, practice and hone interview techniques and work together on writing a stunning CV that will make any employer really want to employ you.

Becoming self-employed

I set up my own business in 2008; many of my friends were self-employed and had been so for many years, and yet I still felt daunted by the whole prospect. How was I going to ‘brand’ myself, get new clients and develop a clear proposition? Of course I had thought through these things before I launched the business, but probably not sufficiently. I have learned so much since then and have developed a great network of small businesses that provide fantastic services for all those things that I don’t have the skills to do, or the time or aptitude to acquire and yet are essential to running my business optimally. I am very happy to share my knowledge and support you as you contemplate the life of the self-employed – and I use the word ‘life’ advisably!

Losing your job

With the ever increasing restructuring, merging, amalgamating, rationalization, call it what you may, that seems to be going on within organisations these days, there comes a time when many of us are facing or might want to think about, redundancy and see it as an opportunity to do something different or make that change to our working life that we have long dreamed about. But how do you navigate through the rules and regulations that surround this often stressful area (TUPE/Redundancy/’at risk’ are all potentially scary situations) and ensure that you do all you can to emerge the other side feeling that you’ve been treated fairly, and are ready and prepared to move on in a positive way?

I have worked on the HR side of many reorganisations and restructurings and have equally supported employees who have wanted to move on following a role change that they feel isn’t quite right for them at that particular stage of their career. I have helped both sides develop solutions, think through outcomes, prepare and present cases and reach mutually acceptable and often beneficial conclusions.

Employment issues

There can be times when, for various reasons, the employee/employer relationship is not as harmonious and productive as it could be. Such times can be very worrying for all involved, and a speedy resolution is what’s needed. Having an independent and impartial person working on this, whether it’s supporting a grievance or carrying out an investigation, can often help to get to the bottom of the issues and identify and help navigate a way forward.

Or it may be that your employer is making changes to your contract terms and conditions that are causing you to worry. When you are facing the legal minefield of documentation and strange terminology you need a helping hand. Someone to point out areas for attention or provide reassurance can be very welcome. I come at this type of work from the perspective of an HR leader with over thirty years’ experience. I’m not an Employment Lawyer but I’ve worked with some of the best, and through my role as an Employment Tribunal panel member since 2002, I’ve learnt much from some top Employment Judges, to whom I will be eternally grateful.

Sometimes you may be asked to ‘review your job description and come up with some objectives for next year’ or to look at how you can ‘grow your role and add value to the business’, both great opportunities, and yet somewhat daunting at the same time. Working together with someone can make this easier and more thoughtful, identifying areas for personal development and learning as well as enhancing skills. I have done a lot of this type of work and really relish helping people use it as a way of taking their careers forward.

CV Writing & Interview Skills

Your C.V. is the first thing your potential employer sees, and if you were them would you employ you based on those two or three pages? If you really look hard, probably not; have you thought of all the things you have done which may be of interest and value to a future employer? Equally, it is often not just what you have done, which could be impressive, but how you put it across. Simple things like the text, headings and structure of your C.V. could put off potential employers, particularly if they are sifting through hundreds of C.V.s. I can show you how to make your C.V. shine, and what avenues you might need to investigate to increase your skill set, and therefore make you, and your C.V. stand out from the crowd.

And when you get that all important, door-opening call to attend for interview, I can coach you on how to make the most of the time you have with the interviewer, make sure you get your skills and experience across and how to build rapport and create a memorable and lasting positive impression. We practice together, I give you instant feedback and we practice some more until you are confident, and comfortable that you are going to give your best on the day.

If you would like help with any of the areas on this page please contact me via the form below or phone me for an exploratory chat.

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